Saturday, July 12, 2008 Experiment #3: Grammar, das versus dass

Learn languages - language quiz

I'm fond of this quiz simply because das/dass is such a sticky grammar point. (Though it is hard to suss out whether a student doesn't heed spelling themselves much, or whether they haven't learned the significant differences in the uses of das and dass.

I like this quiz, but I wish (from a pedagogical perspective) that it included more tools and supports for students who intermediate language learners, but less-than-enthusiastic readers. Two ideas I can think of are quick pop-up, double-click look-up function for any words one doesn't know, and pictures/illustrations to bolster one's understanding of the linguistic information.

That being said, I have yet to make a quiz of my own using I need to discover what tools they offer!


Andreas said...

Dear Herr Graff,

thanks for your quick review and the excellent ideas.

Regarding the illustrations: Currently you can upload a picture
for each question (if you wish). We are thinking about allowing other multimedia content as well.

Regarding the look-up-the-word function: Actually, that is a tricky one. Some quizzes are about vocabulary questions and the double-click function would make it possible to "cheat" on the question. That's why we haven't added it.

We are currently redesigning (i.e. debugging ;-) the user interface for the quizzes (will take about 2 weeks). That should make the creation of quizzes a lot easier.

If you have any further ideas, please share them with us!

Best regards,

for the team

Kevin said...

Where can I find a discussion of the differences between das and dass, i.e., when to use one versus the other.