Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vuvox and Marlene Dietrich

Unfortunately, some of the features (adding text) were not accessible on Vuvox, so this is not much of a learning object, but fun nonetheless--

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Redewendung: "Ich bin ganz aus dem Häuschen!"

\Happy -- Froh\

I wonder if there is a way to sneak an actual umlaut, ä vs ae?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Classroom Management

During my daily feed-reading session, I came across Dan Meyer's cool vlogs. The one below on classroom management hit home. My reflex is, fortunately, decidedly *not* to lay down the law, (which carries its own problems). But the analogy to the first-year cop is spot-on. I was lucky to be in a teacher prep program, and to have a cooperating teacher, who taught me that an ethic of care goes hand-in-hand with classroom management. Nonetheless, it often seems, at the beginning, that you are teetering on the Tipping Point into Chaos and the state of You'll-Never-Get-The-Class-Back-Now! Thankfully, I've never had a "bad kid", and of course: there's no such student. (Knock on wood.)

On a tangential issue: I am a little miffed at Mr. Meyer, seeing as that I do like cop shows a lot and would likely enjoy The Wired. Will likely enjoy it, since I added it to an already prallgefüllt Netflix queue. And I don't have the time!

dy/av : 006 : carver's classroom management from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.